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Is quite strange, they are now probably a real rival relationship, but the atmosphere of the dialogue is not tense, this is probably because the teacher Ji himself is a very strange relationship, the relationship between the two women is a little delicate, sympathize with each other is not, but in response to the teacher Ji sudden arrangement, unexpectedly faintly a little common enemy, Hu Yue also felt very strange, but this is in her interests. I also thought he was in a hurry and gave me a lot of things-but I didn't tell him about the overseas business trip. Luo Zong's transfer offer to her in a city is very attractive, and it is also an open plan. This is a matter between the two of them. If Hu Yue brings Shi Ji into it, and then tells stories in a clever way, Luo Zong's evaluation of her will probably be lowered, but now they have a little trust in each other. [Well, I know you didn't say that. I gave it to another doctor. You are developing better now. He is willing to give you this opportunity. It is helpful to your career after all. You should cherish this opportunity. [About the equity..] Hu Yue is not clear about the equity composition of J \'s, according to her thinking, Shi Ji transitional equity, may be necessary to inform Luo Zong, or even get her consent, so she will give herself spoilers in advance-even she has a very bold speculation, that is, Shi Ji actually does not really want to give her equity, just want to use the transfer of equity, forcing Luo Zong to come forward. Can take this to quarrel with her, the ultimate goal, probably nothing more than to tear clear the relationship between the two, Shi Ji now has a new trend in the feelings,Inflatable outdoor park, and, Luo Zong these years in the open and secret skill, I am afraid he also endured for a long time. She can think of, Luo always can think of, of course, so she dragged not to see Shi Ji, don't quarrel with him, turn to find her, a way to break the game is Luo always don't object, by Hu Yue come forward to decline,inflatable floating water park, of course, this also wants her to privately can let Hu Yue satisfied with the chips, after all, J's equity is how valuable, two people know in their hearts, want to protect the plate, grace and prestige, Not even one is missing. Luo always will come to the spoiler, probably has such a plan, Hu Yue this, is equal to in the inquiry. Luo Zong himself seems to be still struggling, Shi Ji now has a girlfriend-in fact, Hu Yue really don't know why Shi Ji is worth her to do this step, this equity, give it, Shi Ji let is his share, she refused, refused is just a face: just refused to admit that Shi Ji will soon have a well-known, can publicly represent his girlfriend, inflatable castle with slide ,inflatable amusement park, is fighting for this tone. Not willing to let this step, not willing to sit down Hu Yue's identity, there is no practical significance. And want to fight for this tone, she has to pay the price, I am afraid that even Luo always have to feel the flesh pain. Even if again emotional, involving such a huge amount of wealth, the businessman's side should also come out to make trouble, she paused for a long time did not return, Hu Yue is unable to wait any longer, finish the paperwork, immediately went to surgery, she said recently tired to death, really is not blowing, Shi Ji before there was a little old society master's shelf, a lot of surgical skills, Hu Yue had to try to figure it out and steal the teacher herself. She couldn't learn it herself, so she had to grind it out before she was willing to teach it. But now she has to go up and teach her one by one. She has to take the initiative to pass on her skills much more often than before, and she has also been assigned homework. She really can't learn it any more. Coming out of the operating room, I was so tired that I collapsed in my office chair and rested for a few minutes before I turned on my cell phone again. Judging from the time, Luo always thought about it for more than an hour before he sent her a sentence that had nothing to do with it. This year's Spring Festival, you spend more time with Shi Ji, he always spends the Spring Festival alone, this year's mood should not be very good.
】 …… I haven't made up my mind yet. Do you want to buy out this tone in private? Or did you decide to procrastinate, hoping that Shi Ji would change his mind before the process was over? Or is the ups and downs of thoughts suddenly thinking about this matter, and then forget the infighting with Shi Ji, can not help but turn to care about this cold-blooded and ruthless, used and lost'slag man '? For her, Shi Ji is a little too ruthless. Luo total what is the attitude, HuYue now really want to don't understand, But she and XieZhiZhi happen to coincide today mentioned this point, Let she can't help but also notice the problem of the Chinese New Year-these years have never been through a year, But for these things see light. Internship, Chinese New Year's Eve, The first she all volunteered on duty, Also to this year, It seems that this year has a little meaning. Chinese New Year is coming soon. Thinking of this, she thought about it and sent a message to Shi Ji, asking very skillfully. Are you going to spend this year at my house or at your house? He's been to her house a few times before, but.. After they came back from a city, they were so busy that they never had a date, let alone a visit. She had not been to his home yet. Shi Ji was also slow to reply, but Hu Yue was sure that she knew he was driving home and could only read messages at red lights. Sure enough, about ten minutes later, he replied with a voice message. It was very short, just two seconds, and the tone was very impatient. Are you stupid? "My house, of course!" The author has something to say: updated.. Fun ah, the time is very abnormal, not much to say, I hope tomorrow can also maintain the day more! Chapter 184 Coconut Chicken. "Wow-er-um.." Yah. These four tone words vividly express the mood of Hu Yue's first visit to his rich son-in-law's mansion. At the beginning, he always wanted to make him look good and make him happy. When he first entered the mansion, he exaggerated and shouted wow, expressing his admiration for taste and decoration. As his eyes became deeper and deeper, a wall of more than 200 meters flat floor was not found, and his smile gradually solidified at the corners of his mouth. Even if it is superficial, I don't know what to do, so I can only'er 'to delay time. Wait until the whole house has been seen again, can not return to the rhythm of "wow", can only end with a meaningful "um",Inflatable indoor park, Hu Yue finally "ah", "even the kitchen is not cut off, how to cook ah? The whole room is full of smoke. "There is a range hood." Shi Ji said that he almost made a slip of the tongue and said'exhaust fan '. Have you used it once in all these years? Is it still working? 。 joyshineinflatables.com