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"Bang ~ ~ ~" a loud noise, the dragon scales are broken, the tail of the dragon was directly smashed and scattered, the scattered airflow soon disappeared in the underworld. </ "Martial Uncle." The farmer frowned at the ghost in the distance and said, "Even Ji Ning is no match for Martial Uncle. Ji Shi is at his wits' end.". So now they are trying to delay time and influence me to crack the formation. </ Xu Li Zhenren nodded: "Zi Dao, you just understand and break the array. I was caught off guard just now. Now I am ready. I will never let Ji's sneak attack affect you." </ Whoa. </ As soon as Xu Li waved his hand, a black rope quickly became hundreds of feet long, encircling the snow-white dragon. And the big seal was in front of Xu Li's real person. </ "As long as the dragon dares to appear, I will smash it in an instant." Xu Li is really humane. </ Just for a moment. </ Whoa! </ A phantom came roaring, and it was the tail of the dragon that attacked again. </ "Bang ~ ~" the black rope suddenly a whip, Vientiane real person personally control the step magic weapon of this whip, but also make the dragon tail directly collapse. </ The farmer in the snow-white dragon breathed a sigh of relief. He closed his eyes and continued to understand the deduction method. The roar outside alone had little effect on him. </ …… </ On the hillside of Niujiao Mountain. </ Ji Jiuhuo, Ji Ning, Ji Yichuan, Xianhe and Baishuize are all here. </ "You can't rely on the dragon alone." Ji Jiuhuo shook his head,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, "that Xu Li Zhenren alone, is enough to make the dragon collapse, can not affect the way of farmers.". It still depends on everyone to work hard one by one. </ After all, the dragon is only a convergence of energy, and monsters, humans and so on are life,304 Stainless Steel Coil, you can play some means, release the amulet and so on. </ "Earth Dragon!" </ Ji Jiuhuo made a direct sound, "You go!" </ …… </ The earth dragon changed into a big man in green armor, looking at the eyes of the ghost gas automatically separated out of a channel, with a trace of bitterness in his eyes. </ "Pity, pity." </ Recalling this life, his heart is full of sadness. </ Once you are subdued as a spirit beast, you'd better look forward to meeting a good master, otherwise, you will be miserable. As soon as Tong Yu died this time, he was forced to submit again, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and now he was forced to die. </ Even if he was forced to die, he did not dare to resist at all, because now he can go to the underworld, and it is not difficult to be a ghost soldier with the ghost formed by the soul of his purple demon. But if you resist, you will be scared out of your wits. </ "Hate!" </ Qingjia giant man immediately changed into a huge earth dragon with hooves and claws. The huge body of the earth dragon walked on the mountain and quickly walked towards Xu Li's real person in the passage where the ghost gas automatically separated. </ Moments. </ The earth dragon then saw the snow-white dragon that appeared faintly in the distance of the Hades Separation Channel, and the figures in the body of the snow-white dragon. </ "Whoosh!" </ The earth dragon suddenly scurried. </ Whoa! </ The moment has rushed past, the snow-white dragon in the farmer way immersed in the array deduction, other purple house monks are observing around, Xu Li real person is controlling the magic weapon, ready to deal with at any time. </ "It's an earthworm." </ "Earthworm?" </ A group of Zifu monks recognized it in an instant. </ "Roar ~ ~" The earth dragon rushed over, and before the magic weapon of Xu Li Zhenren came, he raised his head with a roar of grief and indignation. </ Then a terrible wave spread from the body of the earthworm, which made Xu Li's face change: "Be careful!" </ Boom! </ As a perfect mythical beast of Zifu, its lake of Zifu.. It is much broader than the Lake of Purple Mansion of the Terran Purple Mansion Friar, and contains endless surging and majestic yuan Li. In terms of the vigor of yuan Li alone, the lake of the Purple Mansion of this mythical beast is no less powerful than the real people in the early days of Vientiane. </ yuan Li, who had accumulated for a long time, was detonated at this moment, and the extremely powerful explosion tore up the body of the earth dragon itself in an instant, followed by a crazy bombardment in all directions. </ "Block.".
"Xu Lizhen controlled the seal, which was like a wall in front of him.". </ Rumble ~ ~ ~ </ The terrible explosion that spread in all directions directly overturned the terrace magic weapon'Zhendiyin ', but at the same time of overturning the seal, the shock wave that bombarded the direction of the snow-white dragon had been weakened by more than half, and when it reached the body of the snow-white dragon, it was safe and sound after only a few rolls. </ "What's the matter?" The farmer opened his eyes. </ "It's a self-explosion." </ "It was an earthworm that exploded itself." The purple monks all said. </ The farmer was surprised. "An earthworm?"? That's Elder Martial Brother Tong Yu's earthworm. </ Xu Lizhen even shrank his pupils and looked at the large number of deep ditches on the ground. He said in a low voice, "This earth dragon is a mythical beast in the demon clan. The yuan Li in the lake of Purple Mansion is extremely powerful.". This self-explosion. The power is amazing. </ …… </ Halfway up the mountain, Ji Jiuhuo looked at the girl in white next to the crane and said, "The earth dragon is dead. Crane, it's your turn." </ "Mmm." </ The girl in white did not hesitate at all and left quickly along the passage where the spirit of the underworld was separated. </ Just left for a few breaths. </ Boom! </ It exploded, and the aftermath of the explosion could even be felt faintly. </ So soon? Ji Yichuan frowned. </ "She didn't go to Xu Li Zhenren." Ji Jiuhuo said in a low voice, "this crane." It used to be the mount of Nongzi Road. I'm afraid I have a deep feeling with Nongzi Dao. I forced her to explode herself. She exploded herself in the middle. It didn't affect Nongzi Dao at all. </ Ji Ning shook his head gently. </ Once you recognize the Lord.. </ Heart is absolutely listen to the master's orders, the crane to do so, that she and the farmer's feelings are really very deep. </ "The farmer said." Ji Jiuhuo shouted directly, "Your previous mount spirit beast crane, I ordered her to attack you and so on, but she actually exploded in the middle,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, not in front of you at all.". It seems that you, the spirit beast, have deep feelings for you. </ …… </ The sound spread far and wide. </。 sxthsteel.com