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The "Three Wonders of Heaven and Earth" were all shocked to stand firm. Shangguan Ling's skill was a little weak, and he was younger. Occasionally, he lost his mind, and the place where he stood was extremely steep. He was shocked to fall straight into a hundred feet deep valley! Inside the deep valley, after a mountain collapse, & # 24009; & # 24009; grotesque rocks. As soon as Shangguan Ling lost his footing, there was no doubt that he would crack his brain and make Zhuge Yi, the "Southern Brush", and Tianchi, the Taoist priest of the "Western Way", who were a little far away from him, sigh helplessly! The clock left the place where the old man stood because it was the closest to Shangguan Ling. Suddenly, he lost his footing and fell off the cliff. Regardless of the power of the peak on the top of his head, he roared loudly. The lightning on his head and feet followed him down. He grabbed Shangguan Ling with his right hand, and the five fingers of his left hand were strong. He used Kun Gong, like five golden swords piercing stone, to plunge into the cliff! On this side, the clock left the old man to rescue Shangguan Ling with the top flying skill and the rare finger skill.
Over there, Tianchi Taoist and Zhuge Yi each carried 12% of the "Taixuan True Qi" and "Kanli True Qi", which shook and fell in the air for the old man Zhong Li, with countless pieces of rubble of different sizes! It turned out that the peak they had set up had already been shaken by the previous Jiuhua Mountain landslide, shaking out a crack, and now the crack has deepened and expanded, and a section of 20 Zhang peak, which is bigger than the broken peak of more than ten Zhang on the cliff,potassium sulphate fertilizer, has also fallen from the air! In this way, the peaks falling from east to west just hit each other in the air and split into countless stones! And because The "Three Wonders of Heaven and Earth" and others stood on this side of the peak, which was larger and more powerful, so that the earth-shaking shock was smashed into large and small stones, only a small half of which hit the "Three Wonders of Heaven and Earth" and others, but more than half of which flew down to the place where the "New Master of Nine Quiet Places" stood! The whole peak, has been turned into gravel, power naturally reduced a lot, not to mention the attack on the "three wonders of heaven and earth" side,Magnesium Oxide powder, and only a small number of half, Zhuge Yi, Tianchi Taoist eyebrows are happy, twelve percent of the "Taixuan True Qi" and "Kanli True Qi" turn into empty waves, both hands, for themselves and the old man who lives on the cliff, form an invisible protective net, even if there are a few gravel. Slip into the net, with the "three wonders of heaven and earth" such as the line, in a few pieces, there will not be too much damage! Crises such as the "Three Wonders of Heaven and Earth" have come to an end, but the "new master of the Nine Quiet Places" has been attacked by a large number of rubbles and has experienced crises! But this wonderful person. The mind is really wonderful, in the certain victory will become the situation below, still reserved retrogression, the sound of the collapse of the opposite peak & # 8212; He immediately took advantage of the hundred-foot long rattan and tied it to the ancient pine on the side of the stone, while he went down by the rattan and liked the terrain, and then climbed up the cliff again. The garden was like a flying fairy outside the world, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide price, flying in the air, swinging twenty or thirty feet away, just to avoid this burst of stone rain! After the "new master of Jiuyoudique" used the long vine to escape from danger, he flashed his eyes and saw "Nanbi" Zhuge Yi and "Xidao" Tianchi Taoist. He also used a mountain vine to insert only five fingers of his left hand into the mountain wall. With the help of the old man Zhong Li, who was hanging by force, and Shangguan Ling, who was caught by his collar, cited the original foothold! However, despite the peerless magic skill of the old man Zhong Li, because he fell from a high altitude and caught the spirit of Shangguan in his hands, the effort was too heavy, and the five fingers of his left hand were badly injured. Between the shoulders and backs of the spirit of Shangguan, he also suffered three or four pieces. Because of Zhuge Yi's "Kanli True Qi" and Tianchi Taoist's "Taixuan True Qi", the broken rocks that flew down were not well protected! Although because of his excellent endowment and deep internal and external skills, he has not been smashed to break bones and tendons! But he slipped on the precipice As soon as he fell a hundred feet, his mind was frightened, and the True Qi could not be adjusted evenly. In addition, the smallest stone was twenty or thirty catties, so that the external injury was still shallow, but the internal injury was serious, and the internal organs were shocked. After being helped to a safe place by Zhuge Yitian Chi Taoist, he immediately "wow" and spat out two mouthfuls of blood one after another! How expert is Zhuge Yi? At a glance, he knew that the clock left five fingers of the old man's left hand. Although also worn out by the rocks, blood dripping, but only the flesh and bones of the injury, not enough to care about! But Shangguan Ling obviously saw that his internal organs were shocked, and he could no longer be disturbed by any disturbance! So Shangguan spirit two blood, just from choke out, Zhuge Yi Lingkong point, snap the wind, has temporarily closed the whole body meridians for him! Shangguan Lingying was so dizzy that he was held in the arms of the Taoist Priest Tianchi. Seeing this, the new master of Jiuyou Dique used his True Qi to make a sound. He laughed wildly and said, "What I predicted has come true as expected. Since you are lucky to escape under this chance of one in a billion, you should go to cure the internal and external injuries for the old man Zhong Li and Shangguan Xiaogui. We will abide by each other's promise." See you again at the Yueyang Tower by the Dongting Lake on August 20. At this point, the "new master of the Nine Quiet Places" was already between the cliffs, and was about to walk away. Suddenly, he stopped and said to the "Three Wonders of Heaven and Earth": "Because of many unexpected changes, I have come to a conclusion that from today on, I will formally challenge you to the" Five Wonders of Heaven and Earth "face to face, and I can boast that every time I encounter them, I will have the upper hand. But at the end of the day, it will be you who win.
” The old man Zhong Li, Zhuge Yi, Tianchi Taoist Priest and other "Three Wonders of Heaven and Earth", although breathing in life and death today, have suffered enough from the "new master of Jiuyou Que", but they are such peerless people with special minds, but because they feel that all the arrangements of the other side are comprehensive, they have a kind of admiration and admiration in their hearts! Now listening to him boast that every time he meets in the future, he will gain the upper hand, but he expects that the final victory will belong to his side, and he can't help but feel that it's even more difficult to understand, and they look at each other in astonishment! "The new master of the Nine Quiet Places" continued with a smile, "It's probably not easy for you to understand where my prediction comes from? I am because of every arrangement. All of them are calculated accurately and meticulously,calcium ammonium nitrate price, but each time they are below the almost impossible situation and go wrong! So knowing that he is too clever, he has been forbidden by nature, and it seems that there is a plan in the dark? I am not allowed to serve all the heroes in the world as I wish. Dominate the universe! 。 stargrace-magnesite.com