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Yin's face was puzzled, Qiaoxin continued, "The empress dreamed of the old lady at night and wanted to go back to worship. This is human nature. How could the empress not agree?" Yin Shi has always been able to draw inferences about other cases from one instance. "Yes, the old lady has never seen her grandson. This palace should also take the gift back to worship." Yin Lihua believed that Guo Shi would not agree, so that she would be more able to convince Yin. Volume II Good Wind Relies on Force Chapter 229 Push the Boat Along (Part I) Chapter 229 pushing the boat along (I). Whether Liu Li is Yin Lihua's own or not, it is impossible to take him out of the palace like this. First, he is young, and second, the Yin family is also suffering now. But the Yin family did not think so, in the eyes of the Yin family, Liu Li came out to worship his grandmother is also perfectly justified, of course, Guo is unreasonable. Son, I have such a little wish, usually want to see the child Guo Shi on the horizontal block, then I also endure,hydraulic fitting supplier, but now, think of the child to see the grandmother, Guo Shi do not agree, you say this is not too much. Yin Lihua cried as she spoke, and Yin frowned all the time. "Well, I promise to help you as much as I can. When I get the baby back,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, I won't take care of it any more." "I have only one wish now. As for the queen, I have figured it out. As long as I can live a peaceful life with my children, I will be satisfied." "It's good that you think so." Yin did not know whether what his sister said was true or not, but he was willing to take it as true. Since then, it has really changed the previous state of decadence. As soon as Yin Lihua returned to the palace, she went directly to the Changqiu Palace to thank him. On the way, she met the new Geng Guiren. She looked at Geng Guiren's slightly bulging lower abdomen with mixed feelings. Geng Shi didn't seem to notice Yin Shi's abnormality and came over to call her sister affectionately. My sister has also heard about the things in my sister's family. My sister still has to mourn for her loss. She can't think too much and hurt her mind. "Thank you for your sister's concern. She should also take good care of herself and try to add a prince to Your Majesty." Geng Yao's face was covered with a halo of happiness, which made Yin a little jealous. Is the prince or the princess, the younger sister also does not insist, so long as the child is safe and healthy is the blessing. "What my sister said is that the heart of being a mother is roughly the same." Yin Shi seemed to be very sad, but Geng Shi did not dare to take over easily, 14 tube fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, "Sister is going to Changqiu Palace, then sister will not delay." "I'm going to the Long Autumn Palace to thank you. If my sister has something to do, just go and do it." Yin Shi felt more and more that Geng Guiren was a wonderful person. She lived in her former house without mentioning a word. She spoke and acted so gently and obediently that Yin Shi seemed to see her own shadow in her. Can she win the trust of the queen like this? Yin Shi was careless for a moment and spoke out the doubts in his mind. "Qiaoxin was so frightened that she looked around and saw no one around. Then she settled down." This Geng Guiren is clever, with the people in the palace are accompanied by careful, not only the emperor likes, even in front of the queen is also a bit decent. "I don't believe she really has no ambition." "Empress, why should we worry about those idle minds? This is a headache for the empress." "That's right. Let's just sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight." As soon as Yin Shi entered the Changqiu Palace, she respectfully paid her respects to the queen. The noble man came back so soon that he should have stayed longer. "Being able to go out of the palace is already a great kindness to the empress, and I dare not ask for more." "You are really diligent. I hope you will be consistent in the future." "I will follow that instruction of the empress." "Well, you're tired of this trip. Go down and rest." "Thank you for your kindness. I am not tired. I am willing to listen to the teachings of the empress." Yin Lihua can turn thoroughly enough this time, but Guo Shi is not adapted to it. The noble's words are heavy, but the sisters in the palace really should be more close. Although the noble lives far away, they also go here more when they are free. Geng Guiren just moved to the West Palace, but there are a lot of inadaptability, Yin Guiren should also give her a lot of advice. Guo Shi said carefully observing Yin Shi's expression, but did not notice a trace of strangeness.
"It was my concubine who was negligent. Not long after Sister Geng entered the palace, my concubine should have taken the initiative to take care of her." Yin Shi is so calm, Guo Shi feels like he is stingy, suddenly feel dull. Yin Guiren talked for a long time, but when he saw that the queen was not interested at all, he retreated. When Yin Shi left, Hong Wan asked strangely, "Empress, what is Yin Guiren singing?"? The maidservant clearly heard that Li Meiren was ill these days. Every day at this time, the noble brought soup to see her. How could the noble say that she had gone to Guangde Palace? "Yin Guiren lives far away and is not well informed. When she saw Geng Yao with the soup, she naturally thought it was for the emperor, but she didn't think that Geng Guiren was much smarter than her." "Li Meiren has been out of favor since she asked for mink last time. Even the slaves in the palace don't like it very much. Geng Guiren doesn't know what the picture is when he pastes it." "Empress, do you think Geng Guiren can't go to bed, so he wants to pull an accomplice?" "Not really, Geng Yao's mind is very far away, and she won't be so superficial." "The maidservant couldn't figure it out." "Geng Yao looks innocent and unworldly, and she knows very well that Your Majesty likes her.". If she were to form a clique, it would immediately ruin his Majesty's impression of her. She would not be so foolish. "No matter what she thinks, even if she is Sun Wukong, she can't escape the palm of Buddha." Sun Wukong? Did Xu Meiren say that again? Hong Wan blushed and nodded, "the beauty told a story to your Highness the day before yesterday,38 needle valve, and the maidservant eavesdropped [Youyou Shumeng www.uu158.com]." "I don't know where she heard those strange theories." "The maidservant feels that some of Xu Meiren's stories always contain deep implications, and she is not simple." "Her heart is not here." Guo Shi sighed, not knowing whether he was happy or sad. chinaroke.com