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It was a woman's bedroom that looked a little chaotic, and the original furnishings might have been relatively simple, but at this time there were many things in the room that had obviously been moved in recently, strange potted plants, a few small cabinets that looked strange, some interesting knots and pendants, several strings hanging on the bed, and a few unknown objects wrapped in bundles, some of which had no place to put. On the chair, the dressing table is full of Rouge and gouache. When the light came on, the woman's voice came out. Well, Sister Yunzhu will sleep a little longer. Half of the mosquito net was lifted, and the soft mumbling voice came from the wooden bed. Nie Yunzhu, wearing a bellyband and silk trousers, reached out to put on a thin coat. The woman inside the bed turned over and arched over. All right, go back to sleep. Yunzhu smiled, buckled up his clothes and got out of bed, put on his cloth shoes decorated with flowers, and then took the oil lamp and the fire to the round table which was a little empty around him. There was only one guest room in the small building, and finally it was simply given to the button. yuan Jiner slept in the same room with Nie Yunzhu under the banner of sisterhood. Really good sisters, it doesn't matter to sleep together,wire nail machine manufacturers, these days yuan Jiner also do not know where to get so many strange things one after another, the same filling Nie Yunzhu this originally simple and elegant bedroom, make some mess. Fortunately, Nie Yunzhu was not the kind of person who was really cold and aloof and could not let others intervene. yuan Jiner enjoyed herself and let her go. That Ning Yi. It would be strange if he dared to come today. The woman on the bed rolled slowly, her tone was confused, "Aren't you afraid of being scolded by me?" Hearing her tone, Nie Yunzhu smiled slightly, and when he went out,Automatic nail machine, Walnut and Button had actually woken up and were boiling hot water in the kitchen, and she went over to help. After washing his face, he went back to the dressing table in his room and began to make up and comb his hair simply. During this period, yuan Jiner on the bed muttered a few words and could not hear the meaning clearly. After a while, the woman had finished dressing up and changed into a formal dress for going out. The dress was still simple and plain. It looked ordinary. In fact, she spent a lot of time in the room every morning. Then she went to the steps outside the door and cleaned them for a while. When she had finished, she sat down on the steps with a plate with a teacup and a teapot. The sky is still dark, the moon can be seen in the night sky, far east, the mountain fog is heavy, showing a little floating outline, the wind blows over, sobbing on the Qinhuai River. When the light shone from behind, she made herself a cup of tea and waited quietly. After a while, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail production machine, yuan Jiner, dressed casually, rubbed her eyes and came out. In fact, her body was slim and slender, suitable for dancing, flexible and graceful, and not short, but at this time she looked a few years younger. In the past, when Nie Yunzhu sat here waiting for Ning Yi, she either slept or said a few words and left, but today she sat down beside him and continued to nap on Nie Yunzhu, as if she was not going to leave. Yunzhu hugged her shoulder, the morning breeze was easy to wake up, and soon yuan Jiner breathed a long sigh of relief and leaned over Yunzhu's leg to pour tea on the other side. "Well, I must scold him when he comes over. It's so humiliating!" When yuan Jiner announced this, Yun Zhu laughed beside him and said, "You're still angry. There's nothing to be angry about. They've already given you five hundred taels. You've done a good job." "But there is no such thing, he is together!"! When the time comes, everyone will know where to put my face, and whether I will live or not. "But he reacts quickly, and not many people can know." "No, a lot of people saw it. It was so embarrassing at that time." Remembering last night, yuan Jiner could not bear the feeling. At that time, she ran up to give the other side face and asked for a reward, but there was only four taels.
Even if there was no silver for a while, it would be good to write a poem for himself. But in the end, Ning Yi still turned around and said "five hundred taels" to the girl in the rear. He didn't take it out. After a moment, he asked the Su family to put it together and gave it to Yan Cuilou. But at least the Xue family must have known about it, and others must have seen a lot of it. It's the first time I've been so embarrassed. Not the second time, the first time is to run out to frighten him, the result was frightened by Liu Qingdi, and this time shamefully took out four taels of silver to send himself. It's even more humiliating to collect five hundred taels. Since he left Yancuilou with Yunzhu last night, he has been clamoring for revenge and so on. At this time, he is also muttering there and drinking several cups of tea. Finally, shortly after the appearance of the white fish belly on the horizon, the morning breeze gradually thinned the mountain fog, and the figure of the left hand wrapped in bandages finally appeared not far away. It was the same running rhythm as usual, but when he stopped near, he looked at yuan Jiner for a moment. How dare you come here. "How dare you say that!" Ning Yi raised his eyebrows. "It's not messy enough, is it?" "What am I afraid to say? Four taels of silver!"! Four taels of silver! "I only have four taels of silver. What can I do? Did you discuss it with me at the beginning?"? Bring it on yourself! "I was covering for Sister Tiyunzhu. You didn't do a good job there. It's your business!" "Still cover, cover to have you to fight like this?"? Jiangning will make a lot of noise tonight. Do you know? "Noisy is also talking about me!" Originally, you would not have been so noisy, and the influence of Yunzhu's coming on stage was limited. At most, some people were curious. There's no end to your trouble. They will heckle blindly. "Help you earn face, is for the sake of Yunzhu sister, but also said I blindly heckle!"! How many people are begging me to heckle! "Thank you. Thank you for helping me earn face. Did you see the face of the guy named Liu Qingdi when you came up? He almost ate me alive. Later, you left with Yunzhu and always beat around the Bush." "That's what you said?" "Just say I don't know. Who knows who yuan Jiner is? I never know him. Why did he follow him? He wants to ask,Nail Making Machine price, ask you." "That is to say, my hot face sticks to your cold ass." "Anyway, they're after me. You're looking for something." "I don't know him very well." 。 3shardware.com