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"Who told you to'touch 'other people's breasts all the time? Can't I charge some interest?" "That also depends on the place. The bathroom floor is slippery. What if you fall down?" "Then you hold me in your arms and pour it down together!" Time travel novel bar sj131 Park Ji-yeon put down the'toy 'in her hand, reached out to hold Li Tianze's face, kissed it, and two white and tender thighs encircled Li Tianze's waist like gold hoops. / There was a feeling of warmth and wetness in his lower body, and Li Tianze gasped again. Park Ji-yeon buried her face in Li Tianze's shoulder socket, winking like silk, and panting: "Uncle, do you want to do bad things to me here?" "How does that work?"? I'm not a superman. Are you tired of holding a hundred pounds of living people? It is estimated that the feet are already weak before we get down to business. Li Tianze grabbed the bath towel on the wall and put it on Park Ji-yeon, then hobbled into the bedroom. Jiyeon, do you have a schedule for tomorrow? Although the desire is burning. Body The foreplay was sufficient, but Li Tianze asked cautiously. Maybe, maybe not, I don't know.. Why do you care so much? Park Ji-yeon encircled Li Tianze's neck, opened her mouth and kissed him. Since you don't care, why do I care so much? At the worst, I can ask Kim Kwang-soo for leave directly. Li Tianze muttered, the lower part of the body slightly straight, has broken into the door, squeezed into half of the body. Park Ji-yeon's eyes widened and her little face wrinkled tightly: "It hurts so much. Sister Baolan is lying to me!" "It'll be over soon,push back racking system, bear with me." "Uncle, you don't want to feel better!"! Stay with me in pain! Park Ji-yeon bit Li Tianze's right shoulder, leaving a row of deep teeth marks. Yah! Park Ji-yeon, are you a dog? How can you have such a heavy mouth? One is not careful, Li Tianze went to explore a few minutes again, finally all the roots disappeared. It hurts Park Ji-yeon's eyes were filled with tears and she choked and said, "I don't want it anymore. Uncle,warehouse storage racks, go out quickly. It hurts me!"! Whoo, whoo.. Li Tianze did not speak, but bent over Park Ji-yeon's lips and sucked them slowly, waiting for her to get used to it before she began to move. It still hurts a little, but it feels weird.. So hot Park Ji-yeon bit her lip, her face was so red that it was ready to drip water, her eyes were already full of water, and the tip of her nose made a shy sound from time to time. Li Tianze gradually increased his strength. Uncle, you.. Can you.. Can you hurry up? It doesn't seem to hurt very much. When Li Tianze heard this, he speeded up the frequency of cultivation. Uncle, can I call it out? Time travel novel bar sj131 …… "Uncle, it's so swollen!" …… "Uncle, whoo, shuttle rack system ,industrial racking systems, whoo.." Accompanied by Park Ji-yeon's slightly crying cry, Li Tianze gently kissed the tears from her eyes and quietly enjoyed the pleasure of being squeezed. Park Ji-yeon fell from the height of the clouds, and her whole body was as motionless as a pool of mud, leaving only the sound of heavy breathing in her mouth. After half a ring, she gradually came to her senses and felt that the foreign body in her body, instead of softening, was getting hotter and hotter, like a fire stick, tightly integrated with herself. Uncle, do you still want to come? The lingering charm on her face has not yet receded. At this time, Park Ji-yeon is like a dripping rose that can be picked by others. Her whole body is full of deadly temptation. Li Tianze smiled and drilled in a few minutes: "What do you think?" Park Ji-yeon blinked and said, "The book says that there are only tired cows but no ploughed fields. Uncle, can you do it?" Li Tianze felt that his self-esteem as a man was despised by naked and naked, and decided not to hold it any longer. He wanted to give Park Ji-yeon a good'adult ritual lesson 'to let her know what the peaks are and what she can't stop. "Ah!" In the voice of Park Ji-yeon, the temperature in the bedroom rises again, and the air becomes a little sticky, which makes people breathe hard. From the beginning to the end, Park Ji-yeon stared at Li Tianze with her eyes open, as if to engrave his face firmly in her heart, especially at the last moment, she bit Li Tianze's shoulder again, almost bleeding.
Li Tianze couldn't help it any longer. The tiger roared, and then his whole body stiffened, letting the feeling release to his heart's content. Park Ji-yeon was pushed to a shiver, leaving the 396th chapter group on Li Tianze's shoulder. He would find a way to deal with it. Han Enjing didn't say anything, but asked in a strange tone, "Will Jiyeon go back to the dormitory tonight?" Li Tianze hemmed and hawed: "Er.." Should not go back, anyway I have two rooms here, rush to also very tired, hey! "Bastard!" Han Enjing suddenly understood, "If you dare to be sorry for Jiyeon, I will let you know what is the strength of the third stage of Taekwondo!" Am I that kind of person? Really, at least we are good friends, so don't you trust me? "No man can be trusted!"! Stop talking and hang up! Looking at the blackened mobile phone screen, Li Tianze gave a wry smile and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. While he was busy, there was a sudden sound of doorbell at the door. He was so frightened that he almost lost his shovel. He quickly turned off the fire and crept behind the door to look out through the peephole. Do not look does not matter, a look startled, the person is not someone else, it is a few hours ago he just talked about Lee Soon-kyu, sunny Lee Soon-kyu! Why is she back? What does she want with herself? Confused, Li Tianze opened the door of the apartment in the next second and met the girl's smiling eyes. ♂ [Chapter 391 of the main text, sunny returns] "Why are you here?" "Can't I come?" "That's not true!"! It's just a little strange. Li Tianze scratched his head. "Is the activity in Japan over?"? Or did you come back alone? Sunny rolled her eyes and said, "fool oppa,heavy duty metal racking, if the activity is over, it's not me who will be here today, but Yoon or Yuri!" 。 kingmoreracking.com