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Lin Shenzhou and Xiaotang are enjoying the touching situation of the reunion of father and daughter, suddenly see Ying Lanfeng stand up, the image is brilliant, this abrupt feeling really makes people at a loss. However, after all, we are all good players in officialdom, Lin Shenzhou, needless to say, is the old hot character, Xiaotang is the mainstay of the court in the future, an alternative high master. Two people happen to coincide raise a hand to return a gift, the mouth says: "Adult word is heavy!" Adult word is heavy! Lin Shenzhou squinted his small eyes, his sleeves and hands shrank his shoulders, and his eyes seemed to be somewhat flattered, while Xiaotang was also respectful and cautious. Ying Huaizhen, who witnessed all this, twitched a little at the corners of his mouth. Should Lanfeng so pick up the posture to speak, with Lin Shenzhou and Xiaotang standing in the same place, three people look at each other and smile, bow to each other and greet this scene. It was no longer two crafty foxes, but three crafty foxes. But only Ying Huaizhen knew in his heart that the two foreign foxes present at the moment were indeed genuine foxes, and the other one. At best, it can only be regarded as a fox. Because at the moment, Ying Lanfeng,non standard fasteners, whether it is seniority or scheming, is not at the same level as the two people in front of him. Fortunately, his appearance is more bluffing. At this moment, Li Xianshu finally came forward and saluted to Lin Shenzhou and Xiaotang with great joy, and went inside with Ying Huaizhen in her arms. Ying Huai is really in the arms of Lee Hyun-sook, frequently looking back, is very worried. Is watching, but see Xiaotang turned his eyes to look at her, slightly smiling,metal stamping parts, Ying Huai really put his head in Li Xianshu's shoulder socket, sighed heavily in his heart. Li Xianshu carried Ying Huaizhen to the inner room and asked her what had happened to her before. Ying Huaizhen said as simply as she could, saying only that she had nothing to do at home. Li Xianshu was not at ease. She looked carefully at Ying Huaizhen's clothes and saw that there were no scars on her body. Then she sighed: "Thanks to my great fortune and great life, and everyone loves me, I have never been tortured by that thief. I really feel sorry for my mother." Nose pantothenic acid, then shed tears. Ying Huaizhen raised his little hand and wiped Li Xianshu's tears: "Niang, don't worry, I'm fine, and the bad guy was caught by adults.." When Ying Huaizhen said this, he gave a thump in his heart and thought vaguely: It is precisely because this kidnapper met her that he did not catch Zhang Zhen, and now he is even more free from future trouble. Lee Hyun-Sook was even more moved to see her so sensible and considerate. Ying Huaizhen asked, "Mother, I heard you say that there were relatives at home the day before. Where are the relatives?" Lee Hyun-sook was stunned. "What relatives?" Suddenly understand to come over: "Are you talking about that little childe of the Guo family?"? He's long gone! Ying Huaizhen was still concerned about Guo Jizu's case, and when he heard that he had left, he beat around the Bush and asked, only then did he understand. It turned out that day should be Lanfeng sentenced Guo Jizu, thought Guo Jianyi would fall out, die casting parts ,Stainless steel foundry, but the little childe is still calm, not to mention the look of exasperation, attitude is more gentle. Ying Lanfeng brought back the fish gelatin and bird's nest he had sent him before, but Kuo Chien-yi refused to accept them. She was so anxious that she frowned and said, "Although I came here this time for my uncle's sake, don't you want to give my niece a little gift?"? This is just a common courtesy between relatives, not to bribe cousin. If I want to do that, I won't take these worthless things. Now my cousin insists on asking me to take some back. Is it because I'm afraid of falling into suspicion, or blame me for coming rashly? Don't you recognize me as a relative? When Lanfeng saw him like this, he had no choice but to accept it. Guo Jianyi raised his hand to leave, and did not entangle anything more in the case of Guo Jizu. This calm and impetuous performance made Li Xianshu admire it. When Ying Huaizhen heard the details, a stone fell to the ground in his heart, and he was really happy. However, when one thing is over, another comes out heavily. Ying Huaizhen took advantage of Li Xianshu to leave, quietly ran out of the room, came to the front of the flower hall, she tiptoed behind the rockery, tiptoe probe, distant to see a happy scene in the hall. But if you look closely, you can find the clue. On the surface, it seems that they are talking and laughing happily. In fact, there is a secret eye contact between Xiaotang and Lin Shenzhou. The waves are turbulent and the swords are shining. The two swords are combined, singing and cooperating with each other. In a quiet way, they try to find out the depth of someone.
"It's time to cut the kidnapper to pieces," said Ying Lanfeng bitterly. "I want to send an official letter to Qizhou Prefecture. Please transfer the thief earlier." It was probably Lin Shenzhou who told Xiaotang about the kidnapper, so Ying Lanfeng hated him very much. Lin Shenzhou said with a smile, "This thief really deserves to be cut to pieces. I heard that he confessed that at first he wanted to tie up the young master of the Zhang family in your place, but he met your love by mistake." Xiaotang nodded and said, "This thief is a recidivist. He always attacks the rich and noble people. He is used to kidnapping children for ransom in the air. However, this is a ruthless man. Even if he gets the ransom, the children may not be able to come back intact. Once he targets them, it is extremely difficult to escape. This time your love is for the son of the Zhang family to block this robbery." Fortunately, there was no danger. Originally, if the kidnapper had fallen into the hands of the Yamen, he would not have paid much attention to it. Most of them would only be interrogated lightly and then thrown into prison. However, the people of the Qizhou Yamen had seen Xiaotang's waist card, so they did not dare to slack off at all. They pulled the thief into the hall and tried all kinds of ways to interrogate him. The thief had never suffered so much. One after another, he confessed to the cases he had committed in the past. A few months ago, he had just committed a big case in Beijing. He tied up the son of a concubine of Jing Zhaoyin. Jing Zhaoyin's family paid the silver, but the child was gone. As a result, there was a great uproar in Beijing, and the rumor was very tight. The talent fled all the way to Taizhou, and also stared at the Zhang family, the richest man in Taizhou. Unfortunately, he had been staring at it for several days without success. He was unwilling to do so, so he simply kidnapped Ying Huaizhen. When Ying Lanfeng heard this, he was afraid for a while, and he even gnashed his teeth with hatred: "My true son is only four years old, and Yuxue is so lovely. That thief can actually do it.." Lin Shenzhou said, "Your love is really loved by everyone, and her intelligence is rare. According to the thief, she was very obedient all the way. She coaxed the thief to lose his guard, so she didn't embarrass her.." Unexpectedly,alloy die casting, she knew how to call us for help in the street, and clearly reported the name of adults, so young. It's really amazing. 。 autoparts-dx.com