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Bu Nuan saw that her mother was furious and a little frightened. She ate Ai Ai and said, "Mother, don't be angry. It's all my fault." "There's no room for you to talk here," Mrs. Boo shouted. "You wait and I'll settle accounts with you later!"! What are you still doing here? Get in the garden! From today on, if you dare to take half a step, I will break your legs! Hate to the extreme, and no plan, he cried out first, "you this evil barrier, do not lose the face of the cloth family swear not to stop?"? Do you still want to walk in this world? Will you be a person in the future? You unfilial thing! Next to Mrs. Kuang also knew this matter, in addition to shock, can not describe her feelings. Bu Nuan in her eyes is obedient and sensible good child, did not expect to have such an incredible accident. And Rong Yu, he is the pride of the whole family and the pillar of the Shen family. In terms of age is not small, absurd to such an extent, people did not expect. Nowadays, it is not good to stand outside the door and talk. It is better to solve the problems at home behind closed doors. Fortunately, the men all went out to have fun, and there were no people with other surnames,4 person jacuzzi, so they could say anything openly. She tugged at Mrs. Bu's sleeve. "Tell Rokuro to come in. There are so many people in the courtyard. Don't let anyone listen." Mrs. Boo just wiped her tears. "If they knew how to avoid it, they wouldn't make it like this today.". I tried my best, but in the end it was all in vain. My brother has made me suffer the loss of this dumb man. Where can I go to redress my grievances? One said, and the other went into the door. Mrs. Kuang quickly motioned for the two of them to keep up, and a line of people entered the hall. Mrs. Bu took the lead in entering the hall. After looking at the picture on the wall for a long time, she turned to Rong Yu and said, "Tell me, what are you going to do?"? How much does our cloth family owe you? If you want to settle it now,jacuzzi swim spa, you can settle it for me. Ding is Ding Mao is Mao, so that I can know more sooner or later. He is still calm, looking at others only floating on the surface. As if forever alienated from people, light, some turn a deaf ear. Only when he looked at the cloth warm, he was attentive, and when he saw her depressed, he held it in her hand. Turning to Mrs. Bu, she said, "Please forgive me, sister. I have never thought of giving up for Nuaner.". At that time, you took her away from Bie yuan by force. I didn't fight with you because I was afraid of hurting her. Only her mother can give her the best care at the critical moment of life and death. Thank you for getting her back for me, but now I'm going to sit back and enjoy it. I will not be separated from her, garden jacuzzi tub ,whirlpool hot tub, even if you hate me, I do not care. My sister knows best how far I have gone with her. Now it's useless to beat a Mandarin duck with a stick. When Mrs. Boo heard this from him for the first time, she was not moved, but only endlessly frightened. She said in astonishment, "How can you speak so righteously?"? Do you know who she is? She's your niece! Are you going to live on the charge of indecency? Then he nodded to himself, "Yes, I also heard rumors outside that you are not surnamed Shen, that you are a descendant of the lonely family in the clouds.". I'm telling you, I don't believe a word of that shit. I watched you grow up. No matter which family's blood flows in your body, since you are in my Shen family, you are my Shen family. If you go to the sky, it's still Bu Nuan's uncle. Even if you change your surname, you can't stop Youyou's heavy mouth, and you will be poked in the spine for a lifetime. It's your business if you don't care. I won't let my daughter accompany you to bear the blame. I'd rather she be a sister-in-law than live half human and half ghost! Mrs. Kuang stood on the edge and could not get a word in edgewise. She just rubbed her hands shyly and was dizzy with the mess. Both sides refuse to give in, and it sounds reasonable. It's just that things are so complicated that tit for tat is not the way to go. She became moderate. "Let's take a long view."! Don't hurt the harmony. We have been sisters for decades. "If I hadn't looked at the love of more than twenty years, I would have reported it to the official long ago!" Mrs. Boo's negative airway.
Ganyue felt that the adults were too confused. She couldn't hold back. She said rashly, "Aunt, isn't that small niche in the Buddha Hall like your sister's child?"? Both my uncle and my sister were pregnant. Why are you standing in the way? If you insist on asking her to marry someone else, what if she dislikes her in the future? In my opinion, it's best to be consistent, and they still love each other. Before she had finished speaking, Mrs. Kuang covered her mouth, stared at her and scolded her, "Children, what do you know about the length of an inch?"! It's better to read than to be wordy with this leisure time. The elders talk and want you to get involved! But Bu Nuan said, "Mother calmed down, and she was so angry that she broke her body. Nuaner is to blame.". He said what he wanted to say just now, and I also told my mother the truth. After going through so many difficulties and obstacles, I am already half disabled. Didn't my mother find that I lost the ability to love others. No matter who it is, I don't like any of them. She turned her eyes to Rong Yu. "I want him. I want to marry him.". Mother's obstruction is useless, as Ganyue said, the princess of Yangcheng knows what happened to us in the past, I passed the door, may not have a good life. You'd better let me be with him, we are sincere! It is said that it is better to tear down ten temples than to destroy one marriage. "Mother, treat your poor son as a poor son and give him a way to live." "How shameless you are!" Mrs. Bu raised her hand and slapped her in the face. "It's only my fault that I used to indulge you so much that I don't know the depth of heaven and earth.". Give me a break as soon as possible, or I'll pretend I never gave birth to you! This startled the people present. Bu Nuan covered his face and began to cry. Mrs. Kuang hurried up and held her in her arms. She said angrily to Mrs. Bu, "If you have something to say, how can you hit the child?" It was more painful for Rong Yu to see her than to gouge out his flesh. It was a big mistake to send her back this time. If she had been settled in one place, there would have been no pain of flesh. Then he said in a cold voice, "If my sister can't tolerate it, I'll take her away now.". Although Liu Lang is not talented, he still has the ability to protect his wife and children. "Bah!" Mrs. Boo spat. "How dare you say that?"? What wife and children? Is she your wife and child? You have the face to call me mother-in-law, but I haven't the face to promise you! Bu Nuan came out,endless swimming pool, "why did mother say such a thing?"? Don't insult him. If you want to beat or scold him, you will attack me. It was I who caused this situation today. If I hadn't tried my best, my uncle wouldn't have been involved by me. 。 monalisa.com