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The human heart, the most unpredictable and the most wonderful! Since ancient times, the use of rivers and mountains is actually the use of people's hearts, which does not necessarily depend on the supernatural power of Taoism. Since then, our position as the leader of the East Kunlun Alliance has been gradually consolidated, and an order can be spread all over the world. Shouzheng Zhenren's guess was right. Zhou Chun had been gone for three years, and there was no movement in the West Kunlun Mountains in these three years. And my Dharma practice is advancing day by day, and I have reached the realm of the appearance of Yang Shen. The divine sun travels, outside its body but the body exists, is not burdened by the furnace tripod. At this time, I already understood why Grandpa Jin did not have to stay in Zhengyi Mountain, but could grasp the overall situation of Zhengyi Gate. Yang Shen is out of body and has the general magical power of the original body, but it can be hidden or visible in front of ordinary people, coming and going without hindrance. It is very dangerous for others to cultivate Yang Shen at the beginning, so we need to explore slowly and dare not be too careless for a while. For me, it is much easier. I have already mastered the method of trance. Because of the reason of the three dream methods in the world, this is the special foundation of my early years. As the saying goes, being in a state of mind, Feng Junzi taught me to be in a state of mind first and then to be in the state of mind. After the deification of Dandao Yang comes out, it becomes one with the three dreams of Yin and Shen. In the past two years,stainless steel tile trim, after the cultivation of Yang Shen, the original Yin Shen travel has really become a kind of fugue, and many restrictions have been broken through. I can go back to Wucheng overnight and meet Liu Feier in my dream. In fact, this kind of dream date is the way we get along at first, but after the two places are separated, Yin Shen can't meet her far away, and now he can. I only told Liu Feier that my "special power" was stronger than before,metal trim manufacturers, no matter where I was, I could accompany her in my dreams, and she felt very strange and comforted. But I have never turned into Yang in front of her. She is an ordinary person. I don't want to frighten her too much. Another piece of good news, I'm rich! Ziying gave Zhiwei Building to Chen Yan to manage, and Chen Yan's business was getting better and better. Later, Ziying simply made her the general manager of Zhiweilou Restaurant Chain Co., Ltd. and spent most of her time refining elixirs and retreats in the holy land of plum blossoms. Zhiweilou has opened branches in many larger cities in the province, but what really makes us a lot of money is not only the operation of the restaurant itself, but also two other things. The first thing is real estate appreciation. Ziying has a habit of opening a branch of Zhiweilou. This habit was probably formed when I found out that I was the landlord of the wonton restaurant. That is, I only buy a house but not rent a house. Even if it is a pledge loan, I will buy the property of Zhiweilou first. Each branch of Zhiweilou selects the most potential commercial buildings in the city, not the most central, but Ziying believes that there will be the most commercial development in the future. I have to admit that Ziying has a very good eye. Over the years, the value of these commercial properties has increased a lot. Not to mention anything else, aluminum tile edge trim ,tile trim factory, just all the real estate, I have tens of millions of assets. The year I graduated from university, I also won an award in Wucheng City-advanced individual industrial and commercial households. Feng Junzi's father, Vice Mayor Feng Huaiyuan, personally presented me with the award at the commendation meeting. He knew me as a classmate of Feng Junzi and patted me on the shoulder and said some words of encouragement and praise. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The second thing is that I bought Wucheng Winery, and it didn't cost a penny. What I like is not this winery, but the old spring yellow pulp stored in its cellar, the production technology preserved since ancient times and this brand. The history of Wucheng Distillery can no longer be accurately traced back. It was originally a brewing workshop opened by a family named Ji, which has been handed down from generation to generation for many years. After liberation, it was jointly owned by the state and the private sector, and gradually became an enterprise owned by the whole people and an old state-owned factory. In the early 1980s, Wucheng Distillery began to expand its production, which was once very prosperous, but in the mid-1990s, its operation was in trouble. First of all, the brewing process began to cut corners. The more old Chunhuang drinks, the worse it tastes. More importantly, the production and management are chaotic and the internal friction is serious. Every time there is a change of leadership, there will be a batch of inexplicable new projects, and more than 100 employees of a moderate factory owe a lot of bank loans. It has reached the brink of bankruptcy with low assets and debts. In the mid-1990s, around the time I graduated from university, the economic guidance policy at that time suddenly began to be popular, "grasping the big and relaxing the small", and small and medium-sized state-owned enterprises could sell almost everything they could sell. Wucheng Distillery was also for sale, and the distillery was in chaos during that time.
The leaders were busy collecting and scraping fine and soft, and the workers were in a panic and did not know when to be laid off, and even the supply of old spring yellow in Zhiwei Lou could not be guaranteed. I was talking to Phyl about this at dinner one day. I am mainly worried about whether the wine of Zhiweilou also needs to be brewed by itself, instead of purchasing old spring yellow and reprocessing. Because Chen Yan has mentioned this matter several times recently. Liu Feier generally does not intervene in the operation of Zhiwei Building, and even her dividend is to be directly transferred to my account by Chen Yan. But this time she saw me worried and went to Chen Yan to ask about it. When I got home, she said to me, "I have a suggestion. You can buy the winery and run it yourself.". Sister Ziying is not in Wucheng. Can you ask her to come? I have something to discuss with her. Curiously, I asked, "Aren't you always in charge of my business?"? Why are you so concerned today? Phyl smiled, "We all became attached to each other because of Zhiweilou. It was because I drank the old spring yellow wine at Shiji Restaurant.". This is a memorial between you and me, and I want to keep it. I nodded and said, "Then do as you wish.". I want to use this winery as a dowry to marry you. Don't forget that our wedding date should be fixed. Ziying returned to Wucheng and did not know how to discuss with Phyl, and then made a decision that I would come forward to bid for the government department. Although it seems that any state-owned enterprise can be sold under the trend of grasping the big and letting go of the small, it is not so easy for you to buy it. The operational difficulties of Wucheng Distillery are entirely self-inflicted, including the willingness of the current factory director himself to buy the distillery. On the surface, it is not necessary to spend a penny, as long as he undertakes bank loans and staff dismissal and resettlement, but there are many links of black box operation in private. Buying the distillery according to the conditions set by the government is absolutely not a loss. On the surface, it has been losing money for three consecutive years. On the books, it has assets of 16000000 yuan but liabilities of 18000000 yuan. But in fact,aluminium tile trim profiles, this distillery is worth more than that. Apart from anything else, just the century-old original pulp stored in the wine cellar will be auctioned for more than 10 million yuan. I am not for money, maybe just for the commemorative significance of the old spring yellow. jecatrims.com