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Yes, as long as you don't give up, everything will be fine. Smiling, Liu Orange cut off a blooming yellow chrysanthemum and entered the flower hall. Put the chrysanthemum into the vase, count the petals, take a sip of green tea, and listen to the melodious sound of string and bamboo. The record was recorded by herself, and it was clearly the quiet and elegant sound of Zheng and Qin, but she could hear the deep warmth and warmth, which was just suitable for prenatal education. Heaven is good for heaven and earth; immortals live as they please, and what they want to do is only a snap of their fingers; human beings are good for human beings, walking leisurely in the courtyard, sitting and watching the clouds rise, as well as the fun of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. Ordinary people are also free and easy. Outside the French window, the autumn wind was a little bleak, and the chrysanthemums were nearly finished, and the ground was golden. It's November now, so count it up. It will Beginning of Winter tomorrow. You have to eat dumplings Beginning of Winter. Liu Cheng put down the green tea. I turned off the record player on one side of my study and stuffed a piece of soft candy made of divine fruit into my mouth. Suddenly, I bared my teeth and gasped, but my eyebrows and eyes were bent. Laughing,Ozone generator ceramic plate, he paced up the stairs to the second floor and knocked on the door of the game room. Xiao Qi, accompany me to the vegetable market. Let's go to buy vegetables. Mom, wait for me for another five minutes. No. Three minutes is enough. I'm about to blow him up. The little Kirin sat in front of the computer, tapping the keyboard. Answer without looking back. What are you playing? So there is. Liu Cheng walked over with a smile. On the screen is a new online game, martial arts, small Kirin with the name of the mythical beast Kirin, wearing a golden shining armor, is PK with a player called the Emperor of Heaven, swords and swords shine in the eyes,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, the light effect of this game is good. Pow! Small Kirin heavily hit a button, stretched a lazy waist, and then sent a contemptuous expression in the past, Yin Yin smiled: "Hum!"! Dare to challenge me, I can explode you without the power of God! As soon as I turned my head, I found Liu Orange standing behind me with curved eyebrows and eyes. I turned off the monitor in a hurry and blinked my eyes with a simple and innocent face: "Mom, how did you come in? Aunt Hei Hei.." My uncle said there was radiation here, and your body can't stand it now. Liu Cheng let the little Kirin walk out, touched his head and asked, "Is the game fun?" "It's okay, but it's too backward, and the computer is so stupid and has few functions, so it's not as fun as the virtual reality game on the light brain." Small Kirin flat mouth: "Mom, uncle is not said to open a company?"? When will you improve the computer so that you can play with divine consciousness? "Well.." This has something to do with too many things. It's very troublesome. Hei Hei doesn't allow me to be too tired. Liu Cheng smiled and said, "Go and change your clothes. At least Hei Hei is not here today. Let's go out to buy vegetables and look at life by the way." Hearing that he wanted to go out to play, the little Kirin rolled his eyes, hesitated for two seconds, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic igniter electrodes, dodged back to the room, but in a few moments, he changed into a white Tang suit and stood in front of the orange, his eyes shining. Liu Orange wears a heel-length retro pleated wide skirt, a white wool shawl, long hair loose, and only a small white velvet clip behind the left ear, which is neither too modern nor too obtrusive. With a black ribbon, he tied the silver hair of the little Kirin behind his head, tied a bow, and left two strands of broken hair behind his ears. Looking left and right, he looked like a beautiful little prince. Twisting the little Kirin's pink face, he stood up and went out hand in hand: "Get the car ready. We're going to the city." "Miss Liu, the Childe said you couldn't go out now." In a respectful tone, the big man in black bowed in front of the two men and said, "If you need anything, please do not hesitate to tell us. We will send it here as soon as possible." "He just likes to worry about that." Liu Cheng seemed to complain, but his eyes were full of smiles. The little Kirin blinked and suddenly paced up to the big fellow with his hands behind his back. The little adult said, "You are so stupid. My uncle is worried that my mother will be cheated by the bad guys. With me, my mother will be all right. If you are afraid, just follow me!" Walking around the big fellow, he took Liu Cheng's hand and raised his chin: "Uncle said that for the sake of my brother, I must keep my mother happy. If you don't listen to my mother, my mother will be very sad. If I am sad, my brother will feel uncomfortable. When my uncle knows that I am uncomfortable, I will become sad to you.".
” As for the impoliteness of the little kylin, Liu Orange knocked him on the head and then smiled at the big fellow, so that the other side could not look down. Then he said in a gentle voice, "Zero is also concerned about chaos. How can I be so weak? It's good for my health to go out to relax occasionally. If you are embarrassed, how about calling a few more people to follow?" The voice was so gentle that it could squeeze out water, and even the cold-blooded immortal could not bear to refuse, not to mention that the other party was just a mortal, and as the orange words fell to the ground, the big fellow nodded obediently and turned around with red cheeks to prepare. The little Kirin winked at Liu Cheng: "Mom, you use a honey trap. It's really awesome." "It can only be used here." Liu Orange smirked: "If in heaven, only others use my share, as expected, the human world is still very good." Holding hands, they watched the long luxury car coming, one of them stuffed a candy in his mouth and chewed it in the same way, looking forward to the trip. Unfortunately, as soon as they were ready to get on the bus, they were interrupted by the housekeeper. The housekeeper is said to be a talented person with a housekeeper's license hired from abroad. She is a woman in her forties. She has resistance to Liu Orange's appearance, but Liu Orange doesn't like it, because the other party is a little rigid, and she always uses the norms of a lady to restrain Liu Orange. Fortunately, Liu Orange frowned and ordered her to only take care of those trivial affairs in the future, not Liu Orange. Madam Liu Cheng twitched the corners of her mouth and was very helpless to the word "madam," but she still turned her head from the car and looked at the housekeeper. After all, there was nothing important. The housekeeper would not appear in front of her: "What's the matter?" “……” The housekeeper hesitated, which was rare. Come on, we have to go shopping. It's very busy. Little Kirin opened a bottle of red wine for himself, took the bottle to his mouth, blinked his eyes and shouted. People of a certain age are always tolerant or indulgent to their children, not to mention such a lovely child as Little Kirin. The housekeeper ignored the absolutely tasteless movements of Little Kirin,Ceramic Bobbin, and his hard eyes became soft, saying: "There are two gentlemen outside who want to see their wife, saying that they are here for the sake of Qingxin Group." 。 global-ceramics.com