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Original title: How to ensure smooth customs clearance when KN95 masks are delivered to Japan? Protective mask to the United States package clearance to the door what are the conditions? How to ensure smooth customs clearance when KN95 masks are delivered to Japan? Protective mask to the United States package clearance to the door what are the conditions? According to data from Johns Hopkins University, as of 14:00 Eastern Time on April 1, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States was at least 203608, with at least 4476 deaths. Under such a crisis epidemic, does the United States still refuse China's KN95 masks? A few days ago, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded Hua Chunying to a question that "the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refused to allow KN95 masks, a Chinese substitute for N95 mask, to enter the United States", saying that it was not clear why the US had made such a decision. Hua Chunying said that under the current epidemic situation, masks are urgently needed by all countries, and China's domestic demand is also very large. Chinese enterprises are working at full capacity, working overtime and working day and night to meet domestic demand while providing as much support as possible for the prevention and control of the epidemic in various countries. Although the supply of anti-epidemic materials also involves specific issues such as differences in product certification standards in different countries and regions, these issues should not become obstacles to cooperation in anti-epidemic materials. Mask export fever is escalating again, so what is the problem with China's mask production? According to Hugo.com, who on earth is making masks? How to justify the authenticity of the manufacturer's qualification? What is the cooperation process and mode? What is the current stage of the overseas mask market? What are the possible risks? Many people do not understand these problems. In response to these problems, Hugo has made in-depth communication with sellers, manufacturers and traders related to the export of masks, hoping to be helpful to everyone's judgment. Who is making masks in the current market? It is understood that there are four main types of manufacturers producing masks in the current market: 1. The original qualified old factory was making epidemic prevention materials before the outbreak of the epidemic. When the epidemic breaks out in China, there are basically temporary licenses issued by the government; 2. New factories that appear after the outbreak of the epidemic do not engage in the mask industry before the outbreak of the epidemic, but have certain qualifications. For example, there are aseptic workshops or similar mask equipment, which can produce masks through some improvements, so the government will also issue some licenses to such suppliers, so that they can rectify the production line. These factories can get the government's qualification, and can get some recognition in quality control. For example, Gree, including some listed companies and large companies. 3, private enterprises, small workshops, the production environment of these factories is very simple or even no dust-free workshop, generally shipped at night, and under the guise of "our supply has been purchased by the government, but the price of government acquisition is very low, we have to take some goods to the market for sale" to fool customers, such as this situation can basically be judged as "three. Their products have neither certificates nor packaging. Expand the full text 4. Middlemen, one of the "main forces" selling masks on the market at present, many middlemen will find factories to cooperate, purchase masks in large quantities, and then connect with purchasers in need. The serious imbalance between supply and demand in the mask market caused by the sudden attack of the epidemic has provided some illegal manufacturers with opportunities to take advantage of the situation, resulting in uneven quality of masks on the market. And the circle of friends, middlemen, layers of agents, also formed a strange image of the whole people selling masks, resulting in fluctuations in the mask price market. How to defend the authenticity of the manufacturer's qualification "The more I understand the industry, the deeper I find the water.". True or false, a lot of things can not be based on experience, or standards to distinguish between true and false, so far I have contacted dozens of, really all aspects of the standard, may only be three. And these dozens are also screened out by our repeated investigations. A trader said helplessly. How to distinguish the authenticity of masks in the market, or how to reduce the probability of being cheated? Industry insiders give the following suggestions: 1. Whether there is certification qualification Certification qualification is definitely the first threshold for choosing a mask manufacturer. If there is no qualification, you can pass it directly, but even if there is qualification, you have to study it again and again.
According to industry sources, in the current market, large and small mask manufacturers, their certification qualifications are basically true, and even some small factories have more qualifications than large factories, and the certification standards are higher. The emergence of this phenomenon, on the one hand, is related to the certification qualification audit mechanism, such as some certification, only need to audit the legal qualification of the factory as an enterprise, and it is self-complaint, the threshold is low. On the other hand, there are also cases of spending money to find agents for certification, or even taking other products for certification. When many factories go to test and certify, the quality of the masks sent for inspection may be qualified, or they may directly take the masks produced by others to test and obtain the certification qualification. I even heard that you can get certification by spending tens of thousands of yuan on the market now. For example, we have inspected a factory that does not even have a decent production workshop, but their certification report is indeed the production qualification of EN14683 medical masks. A trader said. In addition, there are also many manufacturers, middlemen, with other certification qualifications, swindling. Now the circle of friends also has a lot of sun certification, such as mosaic of important information materials, certification qualifications, for customers to view, which makes it more difficult to distinguish the true from the false. 2. Factory scale and production environment Field research is the most necessary step. Although many manufacturers have all kinds of qualifications, field research will find that their production environment is not compliant, workers wear even daily clothes, and the storage environment of masks is completely open. Large compliant factories usually have a certain scale of production, such as listed companies and well-known enterprises, which are supervised by the government and the public. In this regulatory environment, it is impossible for them to do some irregular operations. And this kind of big factory, has the aseptic production workshop, the worker's production flow, the equipment is also very standard. We contacted a compliance manufacturer whose factory is directly in the national food and drug safety production base. Their workers are three shifts of production, everyone has to wear protective suit, gloves, masks and other equipment, come out and go in have to be repeatedly disinfected, outsiders can not enter at all. 3. Careful study of certification qualification A. Check whether the certified company entity is consistent with its production entity. Many small manufacturers will take other people's qualifications to publicize. However, if the certified company subject and the production subject are not the same, it can be basically judged that the production subject does not have the production qualification. If a certification subject has additional production sites, it must also be put on record, and the new production sites will be added to the "brackets" behind the qualification certification. B. Detailed verification of production data Formal declaration of masks for export requires the factory to provide all the means of production, including business licenses, medical equipment production licenses and other internal information, which is usually not available to outsiders. In addition, there may also be some manufacturers who will declare and export through some grey channels. However, it is worth noting that if the masks eventually flow to the medical institutions of hospitals, if there are problems, the manufacturers and exporters can be found through layers of traceability, and they may face prosecution in the future. Therefore, we advise you not to take risks. C. Validity period of qualification certification The certification of the factory can be officially checked, but pay attention to the validity period of the certification. A case: a foreign customer contacted a domestic manufacturer, all aspects of qualifications were met, and the certification was true, but when the European import customs clearance, it was found that the qualification certification had just expired for one day, and the result was that it could not be cleared. 4. Government endorsement is more valuable It is precisely because of the relatively large amount of water in the certification data that it is now endorsed by the government and more trusted as a designated manufacturer for hospital cooperation during the epidemic. Industry insiders said that if non-governmental designated manufacturers, it is very difficult to get the production qualification of medical devices for the record. In this case, the value of the government's designated manufacturers is much higher than that of various certification qualifications. There is a rule that regular and qualified large factories generally do not take the initiative to release relevant information,Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate, and customers take the initiative to queue up with cash.
Cooperation process and mode with mask manufacturers A trader told Hugo that at present, the qualified compliance manufacturers he has come into contact with are all introduced by acquaintances or friends, and they need to queue up on their own initiative. The manufacturer will deal with it in turn according to the order in which the trader pays the deposit. And usually, there is no spot. The trader introduced the process of cooperation as follows: 1. The minimum order quantity is at least 500,000, which can be accepted reluctantly. Sign the contract immediately on the same day and pay at least 50% deposit. Pay the deposit, take the goods in installments, and deliver them all in 10 days. Usually, it takes two weeks to wait in line to pick up the first shipment. If the goods are delivered in 10 installments, 50% of the deposit is allocated to 10 payments as an advance payment. Simply put, there is an advance payment for each subsequent shipment, and the final payment for each shipment is also settled. 2. The way of delivery requires the buyer to pick up the goods by himself, or call for express delivery. However, in the current situation, the time limit for express delivery response is extended, and the application submitted in advance may not be agreed to be fulfilled until two days later. At the same time, the buyer has to prepare relevant information and submit it to the customs broker for customs declaration and shipment. The goods are shipped abroad on the same day they are received. It is reported that due to the shortage of spare positions, the current national routes, logistics timeliness has been delayed, to deliver goods to Italy, for example, the usual time limit is 5-7 days, but now it is 7-10 days. Prices have also doubled, rising by tens of yuan per kilogram. 3. Delivery to overseas customers. From the perspective of capital security, it must be that overseas customers pay first, and then traders settle accounts with factories. But because of the problem of time difference, coupled with the factory reminder, traders have to pay in advance. 4. Customs detention of goods According to the Internet, in the case of global shortage of epidemic prevention materials, many countries have also seized epidemic prevention goods. How to avoid it? "This situation does exist, and it is difficult to avoid.". So usually, our practice is not to print the words "medical" and "N95" on the outer packaging. A trader said. At the same time, we should ensure that all aspects of qualifications are complete and minimize the risk of being detained. However, it disclosed that if the domestic customs declaration is normal and the goods are detained at foreign customs, the risk is the responsibility of overseas purchasing customers. In addition, some people say that through small packages and personal mail channels, goods can be avoided being detained. However, industry insiders pointed out that the capacity of small packages is limited. At present, the same address every day can not exceed two pieces,Medical Full Body Coverall, not more than 10 kilograms, and the declared value can not exceed 5000. This approach is not realistic for large quantities of purchases. Development trend of overseas mask market According to traders, taking KN95 masks as an example, the comprehensive cost of ex-factory price plus logistics costs may be more than ten yuan, but when exported to Europe, the price may be more than five times higher. It was also learned that affected by the epidemic, many traditional traders, the original main business orders fell sharply, but the expansion of masks and other related epidemic prevention products business, but a substantial increase. The two offset each other, and the total order volume has risen sharply. Even some traders made a profit of 100 million yuan in two weeks. Such a big profit temptation also drives more and more people to enter the mask business. Among them, some factories, traders and sellers even began to prepare their own production lines. The information from suppliers is that overseas prices will continue to rise, but our own customer feedback shows that the price of masks has begun to decline slowly. A trader revealed. According to its introduction, a mask manufacturer it is currently cooperating with began to prepare for the production of masks on the third day of this year's New Year (January 27), and the first batch of masks left the factory on February 25. The cost of a machine is more than 20 million, and usually, it is difficult to order a machine, or it takes a long time. The price of melt-blown cloth, the raw material of masks, is also doubling, and it has been controlled, so it needs to meet certain qualifications to get it. Because from our point of view, the market is already declining. If masks are put into production now, the risk is already relatively high. Someone in the industry preached. He said that there is already a surplus of mask production capacity in China, and the demand abroad may not be as great as we have seen.
For example, the actual purchasing demand of foreign businessmen is 1 million, but he will exaggerate it to 10 million, because the larger the purchasing volume, the closer to the real base price of masks. At the same time, he will cast a big net and send out a large number of inquiries, so that the news spread, the original demand of 1 million, may be exaggerated into tens of millions of demand. A cross-border seller also said that its main European and American markets, C-end demand for masks has also shown a downward trend. According to its analysis, on the one hand, the epidemic may get worse and everyone will not go out. The living environment in Europe and the United States, such as pastures, villas and gardens, is naturally a very good isolation environment, without wearing masks. On the other hand, the time limit for cross-border online shopping is too long, and C-end customers may not be able to wait for such urgently needed supplies as masks. Anti-epidemic materials (KN95 mask, protective mask, isolation suit, hand sanitizer, goggles) available for Siqi International Logistics 1. FBA First Express: Siqi International provides UPS, DHL, Fedex, T-N-T and EUB logistics channels for transportation, which can meet the needs of customers. It is more economical to provide international express transportation for different categories, weight segments and different user needs. Among them, UPS is suitable for goods above 100KG, DHL is suitable for goods below 75KG, T-N-T is suitable for super-large and super-long goods, and E-Post is suitable for the transportation of goods below 2KG. 2. FBA first air transport: Siqi International Logistics provides flights from airlines in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong and other regions to avoid the problem of transportation backlog in the peak season, and double customs clearance tax package to the door to solve the problem of customs clearance. The European region is free to choose between double customs clearance and independent VAT channels. Avoid European VAT issues for customers. The time limit of price concessions for American air distribution channels is stable. Suitable for customers with low timeliness requirements and logistics cost savings 3. FBA first voyage shipping: Siqi International Logistics has a wide range of shipping channels. The shipping schedule is every Thursday. There are fast ships and slow ships in the United States. The sailing time is 14 days to reach the port of the United States. After customs clearance, it can be shipped to Amazon's warehouse in the United States in 1 to 3 days. The Clipper can sign for 12 working days. Europe (Britain, Germany, France, Italy) Haijiapai special line can be signed for about 30 days. SIQI also supports to arrange the transportation of bulk cargo or full container separately according to the requirements of customers. The following countries of Siqi International Logistics support the delivery of double clearance tax: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico, India, Russia, the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping ,Medical Quickly Delivery Antivirus Coverall, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, South Africa, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine, Turkey, Singapore and Taiwan. Amazon FBA First Trip Logistics Double Customs Clearance Tax Package Door-to-door Freight Forwarding Air Freight Express Shenzhen Delivery to Japan FBA, UK FBA, USA FBA, Germany FBA Amazon Warehouse USA FBA Shipping, USA FBAAir Freight, Shenzhen FBA Shipping, Guangzhou FBAShipping, Guangzhou FBAAir Freight, Amazon Return and Label Exchange, FBA Customs Clearance Service, USA Overseas Warehouse, Shenzhen FBA air freight, air plus special line, sea plus express ship, UPS express, DHL express, FedEx, EMS, E postal treasure.
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