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"Mr. Qiao, a Mr. Zhao wants to see the acting president by name." "I know, I'll be right there." When he stepped out of the elevator door, he saw a lot of red roses. Hello, you, I hear you are the special assistant of the president? "The man held 999 roses in his hand and looked at him with his nostrils.". Qiao Lin looked at the other side coldly and crossed him. "Yes, who are you?" I am Zhao Xiaba, the small boss of Youyou.com. Do you know our Youyou.com? Do you know or not? Little Special Assistant! He glanced at him. "Yes." Youyou.com is a famous online game network, providing players with a variety of video game software. It is not only very popular in Taiwan, but now it has extended its tentacles to the mainland, where the market is vast. Its future prospects are promising. Just say that someone doesn't know about our Youyou.com! Zhao Xianba proudly plucked his hair and pulled it like two hundred and fifty thousand or eighty thousand. As for me,Pallet rack supplier, I've met your acting president and had dinner together. I know she likes me very much, but she's embarrassed to ask me out again. Women love to leave! He said happily to himself, not noticing that Qiao Linjun's beauty was already dark to the extreme. So, I came here specially today to give Miss Lan a chance to get close to me. It was for the sake of her beauty that I made an exception to allow her to continue dating with me. Okay,Narrow aisle rack, where is she? Call her out quickly. ! I booked a restaurant. Even the hotel room has been booked, so she doesn't have to be too happy, just dress up and come out to see me! "Mr. Zhao, you said you booked a restaurant and a hotel room?" "Yes!"! Who are you to repeat my words? ? Go get your acting president. !" It was rare that Qiao Lin showed his first smile recently. "So, did you book the bed in the emergency room?" "What?" Almost in the blink of an eye, he clenched his fist and waved it violently at Zhao's face! Secretary Liu screamed in surprise on the spot. Zhao Xianba, who had fallen back, rolled his eyes and fainted on the spot. Qiao Lin rubbed his fist and looked down at him. An emergency room bed. You should have thought you'd need it. Guan Miner's "Delicate Little President" Chapter 10 Lan yuan turned the key to open the door of her house and walked into the dark mansion. She came to the wall wearily and pressed the light switch. What, Warehouse storage racks ,Steel racking system, Qianxin hasn't come back yet? Where did you go to fool around? ! She threw off her purse and sat down on the sofa with a bang. One wave after another, the elder sister said that Sakuragi Longyan wanted to help solve the problem of bank arrears. Not long after, the bank staff who wanted money said that only part of it had been repaid. She was so anxious that she immediately called Japan to tell the elder sister. Fortunately, a few days later, the good news came from the bank that the debt had been paid off, but she received another bad news. Alas! Bored to death 。" Why are you sighing. The sudden deep voice startled her, and she realized that there were other people in the room, and the blue rape almost bounced off the sofa on the spot. Knowing who was coming, she immediately frowned. "How did you get in?" Qiao Lin came out of the darkness in the kitchen. "It's more than two o'clock in the morning. Where are you going and who are you going out with?" You.. You care about me?! Also Do you know that scary people can scare people to death! I almost just now ……" The corners of his cold mouth gently raised a smile that could not be seen. "You still like tongue twisters." This damn black face. How long has it been since I saw him? Half a month ? Or three weeks? ? Why is his handsome but annoying face still so clear? It was not until she saw him again at this moment that she realized that she had never forgotten this face and this person! "Why did you hit someone?" He slowly walked out of the darkness with the faint corners of his mouth. The news has reached you? "Nonsense!" She glared at his every move, watching him get closer and closer to himself, Lan yuan subconsciously wanted to retreat to the side; can not get close to him, he has not forgotten him.
So you can't get close to him any more! "That Zhao Yiba was beaten backwards by you, and I heard that his chin was broken!"! What the hell are you doing? ? How can you attack our company's customers? ?". Qiao Lin saw her evasive movements in his eyes, his sharp eyes were awe-inspiring, and he went straight to the sofa and sat down without saying a word. Hey, did you come to my house specially to pretend to be a mute? Also How the hell did you get in here.. "Is that man surnamed Zhao a customer of the company or a customer of yours?" When Lan yuan heard this, her brain almost exploded! She walked up to him trembling all over and gave him a slap with her hand. He pushed his tongue against the inside of the corner of his mouth and tasted a fishy smell. He raised his hand to wipe the bright red blood from his lips and turned to stare at her slowly. She clenched her fists, trembling and her eyes flushed. She is stubborn and strong, has a distinct personality, dares to love and hate, but does not lose the feminine characteristics of charm and weakness. Such a woman, he is going to settle down! Raised a handsome face to seize her line of sight, Qiao Lin's sharp eyes in an instant turned into infinite spoiling tenderness. Does that make us even? A tear rolled down her eyes and she quickly reached out to wipe it away. After these days of thinking, haven't you figured out whether I'm Dong Zhengyao's person or not? She knows he's not! But ……" You're not done with Penny! I knew it must be the thing that bothered her head. Qiao Lin slowly raised a smile, a gentle and spoiled smile. Let her still not live up to expectations for him. Holding her hand gently, he raised his handsome face. "She's getting married." Lan yuan was stunned and threw him away angrily. What a stupid joke you made up! You really think I'm gonna believe that? ?" Suddenly,warehouse rack manufacturer, he had a red note in his hand. The wedding is at the end of next month. Remember to dress up and come with me. It's really his XX # O ※. It's really like that! Even the wedding invitation was printed. ……" "Liang Chengye, the small boss of Southeast Advertising, isn't he our partner?" "Yes." 。 omracking.com